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Pulling the Strings (5/?)

Title - Pulling the Strings (5/?) 
Rating - PG-13 this chapter/ NC-17 overall 
Disclaimer - not mine, never will be no matter how much I beg and plead. 

Chapter Five

They started rotating then, at the Master’s insistence. He would fly to one place and she would have to fly to the next. Usually his trips involved other planets and hers involved the past. Perfectly fine, he thought, she didn’t know the universe as well as he did and she stuck to things that were comfortable. Besides it gave her practice programming the Tardis accurately. The first few trips he watched her carefully. Not once did she punch in London though. Never. No where in the Earth’s history did she want to see London. When he’d asked all she said was "spent enough time being treated like a second class citizen in London why go back for more?"

After two weeks he quit watching her program things in. He once even wandered off to the kitchen and made them tea so that she could see his trust in her plainly. Nothing at all to stop her from programming in London the day after they left. They ended up instead in the caravan of Marco Polo on it’s way to the court of the Khan.

"I’ve always imagined what it was like," Martha confided in him. "Ever since I read his adventures as a girl. Imagine the Great Wall of China, the Forbidden City!"

"I’ll have to be careful," the Master whispered back into her ear. "With the Khan’s eye for pretty ladies I’ll have to stand on guard or before you know it you’ll be living inside the Forbidden City as part of his harem."

She slid slightly closer to him and the Master smiled. He was a better alternative than the Khan, he was moving up in the world. He decided to risk it and slid an arm around her shoulder as they walked. When she didn’t move away he let it stay there. By the end of their journey he’d been made Marco Polo’s closest advisor and she’d taken to riding behind him in the saddle instead of walking.

The Khan had been enchanted with Martha Jones on first sight as the Master had expected. Flattery had followed, then gifts, then attempts at seduction. Finally the man had offered out right to buy her with a room filled with gold and another of various treasures. The Master couldn’t help laughing as they raced through the night on the horse she’d affectionately named Tish’s back. Once inside the Tardis they’d slammed the door and he’d raced to the console, slipping them into the Vortex just as he heard the dull thump of arrows against the time machine’s sides.

"Couldn’t stop fluttering your eyelashes at him for two seconds?" The Master teased as Martha began to pull the intricate ornaments from her hair.

"I wasn’t the one who upset him," Martha retorted. "You’re the one with a Chinese death sentence on your head signed by the Khan himself."

"Next time I’ll just leave you then to be a consort?" The Master raised an eyebrow and then opened his arms. "Take his money and leave you behind?"

"Don’t you dare," she whispered as she gave him a hug.

"I would never," he agreed and gave her a squeeze. Given the state of their last adventure the Master thought it was time to begin stage two of his plan. Letting her go he hit a sequence of buttons on the keyboard that made the Tardis shudder.

"Looks like she needs some more repairs," he lied. "Mind if we stay in the Vortex for a while?"

"Better than breaking down somewhere when we need to escape," Martha answered.

"Great," the Master agreed. "You sleep, I’ll work." When she stumbled off to her room the Master smiled. He considered briefly about merging part two and three of his plan and decided that it could work. If he could just manipulate her in the proper direction.

The next morning she found him exactly in the position he wanted, slumped over in the leather sofa seemingly fast asleep. When she tried to wake him he only made muffled noises and buried his head deeper. He worried a moment later that his plan hadn’t worked when she left the console room. It wouldn’t work if she went back to her room. She needed to poke around on the console computers.

He was pleasantly surprised a moment later to see her returning with the comforter from her room. Snuggling in as she draped it across him he allowed himself to shift into a position to better watch her.

"Are you fixed old girl?" She asked lovingly as she ran a hand across the console. "I didn’t break you with that last trip did I?" He heard the machine hum.

"He got you fixed then?" Martha continued. "Good. He surprises me you know," he could see her smile then. "He’s a monster, really a monster. He’s done horrible things. Terrible things. But somehow he’s not all that bad when you get to know him one on one."

Humans, he thought to himself. So easily persuaded to see the best in things and people.

"What’s this then?" He tried his best to stay still as she finally reached the screen he’d left open ‘accidentally’ for her. "October 4th," she read. "It’s been almost two years since I’ve seen Rose. Since I lost her in the Void. I took Martha to see the Praxillian mating and on a merry chase after a lizard that was set to destroy the southern part of London, near the Powell Estate. Where Rose lived. It made me think about her more today. How much she would have enjoyed it. Her sense of adventure. Martha doesn’t have that. I know I shouldn’t ask her to - she can’t replace Rose after all. She keeps the Tardis happy though, a female companion so the old girl doesn’t have to listen to me blather all the time. What I wouldn’t give to have Rose back. Martha’s just not the same."

He heard her scanning through more entries in the Doctor’s ‘diary’ and could almost see smoke rising from her ears. More entries related to how much he missed Rose and how Martha wasn’t a suitable replacement. He could hear comments like "not a tenth as pretty," and "thinks she’s smarter than she is," were followed by ones like "spoiled, stuck up little rich girl," and "wouldn’t it have been lovely to have Rose in 1913. The Tardis could have said we were married and there would have been none of the complications with Joan Redfern."

When she slammed her palm against the console angrily he took that as his cue to ‘wake up’. "Martha?" He tried his best to sound sleepy. He looked over at her then and let his eyes widen in horror. "Don’t read the screen!" He announced suddenly.

"Too late," she snapped. "I saw your bedtime reading."

"Martha!" He called out as she stormed from the console room and back to her chamber. Following her down the hall he tried to get her to stop. "Martha! Please come back here and talk to me!"

"No!" She announced as she slammed the door to her room. The Master sat cross legged on the floor outside.

"Martha! Talk to me please?"


"I’m going to sit here and wait until you come out and talk to me. The Tardis’s floor is cold so could you please come out here or let me in there? Your floor is at least heated."


"Martha," he leaned his head against the door. "You weren’t supposed to see that."

"Then why did you leave it up?"

"He’s scatterbrained," the Master lied. "The repair log on the Tardis is intermingled with his personal diary. I was scanning through it to see what repairs he’d made the last time he was on her. Thought it might help me figure out what the problem was this time.I didn’t want you to see that."

"Doesn’t matter," she huffed from behind the door.

"It does," the Master tried to sound soothing. "You’re hurt. That matters."

"It doesn’t matter," she insisted. "Why am I talking to you about this after all? You’re evil. You probably left it there for me to see."

"I did not!" The Master said hotly. "I didn’t want you to see it. I’ve been trying to hide it from you. Besides I might be a monster but have I ever treated you as shabby as he did?"

"You decimated my planet. Made intergalactic war on it. Turned humans into slaves."

"I didn’t destroy it in a silly, mad attempt to cross the Void for Rose Tyler!" He shouted. Things were starting to go to plan.

The door jerked open suddenly. "What?" She hissed.

"Never mind," the Master said softly and made to get up. "I’m a monster. I destroyed your planet, made intergalactic war and turned your species into slaves. You shouldn’t trust anything I say."

"Shut up and tell me what you said again." Martha said and tears welled up in her eyes.

"I can’t do both Martha Jones," he answered with a shrug. "What do you want it to be?"

"Tell me what happens to Earth."

"Let me show you instead," the Master replied. "Not the actual event. I wouldn’t ask you to see that. Let me take you to Humira. Come to the console room with me?"

"What’s on Humira?" Martha asked.

"The first wave of Earth refugees," the Master replied. "They were a satellite colony of Earth. The nearest. The planet sustained some damage from the Earth’s destruction. You should see it."

Martha followed him quietly into the console room. "You blew up the Earth and now you’re taking me to see the refugees?"

"I didn’t blow up the Earth," the Master retorted as he plugged coordinates in. "And I’m taking you to Humira because you’re a doctor and that’s something they’re in short supply of in a crisis. You know human anatomy. Time to get in there and help."

"What about you?" Martha asked. "What are you going to do?"

"I can’t work as a doctor," the Master informed her. "I don’t have the training and besides I’m somewhere in the hospital anyway. Took a nasty blow to the head a few regenerations ago when I stopped there for supplies. I’ll charm my way into an administrative post. Order others around so things get done efficiently."

"That’s what you’re good at," Martha said glumly. "Convincing others to do it your way."

"And you’re good at helping them." He answered. "Time for each of us to work with our particular talents. I’ll see you back here in two days. No later than that. There is going to be a rebellion here in about a week and I’d prefer if we weren’t caught up in it."

"Two days," Martha agreed.

"If anything goes wrong," the Master pointed to the Tardis key around her neck. "Get back here and lock yourself in. I’ll get here as quick as I can."

"Right," Martha agreed and he felt his heart quicken as she gave him a brave smile. "Take care of yourself."

"You too Martha Jones," he agreed as he gave her a hug. He tried to hide his elation until she had left the Tardis. He’d never expected his plan to go so easily or so well. The way she slept so frequently had made it easy to forge the Doctor’s diaries, snip together purloined videos from his time at Torchwood and edit it with others and then use the black hole converter to suck the Earth into the Void and blame it all on the Doctor. The poor Doctor, he thought to himself. He’ll be hunted through the galaxies for his destruction of Earth, unwelcome on most planets as himself, all trying to get back to the girl he loved trapped in an alternate universe. What was truly sad was that the Doctor would take the punishment for a crime he wouldn’t ever dare to commit and in return the Master would get what he wanted. Martha Jones, the Doctor’s companion. He’d turn her against that bleeding heart and make her his own.


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