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Pulling the Strings (10/16)

Title - Pulling the Strings (10/16) 
Rating - PG -13
Disclaimer - It's getting depressing to say but they still aren't mine. Everything wonderful in life belongs to the BBC and RTD

Chapter Ten


"Wear something white," he’d told her. She didn’t have anything white. Stumbling to her closet she sighed. What was she supposed to wear if she didn’t have anything white? Opening the door she smiled. Apparently the Tardis would make sure she was taken care of, Martha thought to herself. Handy in every emergency, that was the Tardis. Even fashion emergencies. The only thing, Martha wondered, was why was it that everything the Tardis fashioned was some sort of filmy dress? No suits, no trousers and sweaters, every single white article of clothing was a dress. Oh well, she thought. A nice white sun dress always managed to look nice. Pulling out the most simple of the proffered dresses she tugged it on and leaned over the vanity to pin up her hair. Slipping into the white sandals the Tardis had provided her with, Martha swiped on a quick coat of sheer lip gloss, a quick brush of mascara and then gave the mirror a rueful grin. She wondered where he was taking her that white was a necessity. Hopefully it wouldn’t involve running for their lives, otherwise this dress was ruined.

Stepping out of the Tardis on his arm a few moments later Martha tried to catch her breath. "Where are we?" She whispered.

"The Japanese Imperial Gardens," the Master whispered back. "Meiji Dynasty. Don’t worry, no one ever comes here except the gardeners."

"Why not?" Martha said as she looked around her. Everywhere cherry trees were in blossom and on the far side she could see a waterfall trickling slowly into a manmade lake teeming with orange and white koi. It was the most beautiful place she’d ever seen and she couldn’t imagine why no one would visit it.

"It’s forbidden to everyone but the imperial family." The Master explained. "None of them use it though because the emperor has allergies. If they get pollen in their robes and get near him then his allergies flair. From what I’ve read he’s most unkind when that happens."

"Unkind?" Martha asked.

"He had his cousin thrown from the castle battlements," the Master clarified.

"Right," Martha agreed. "So no one here but us and the gardeners. What do we do about them?"

"Perception filters," the Master said with a grin as he looped one over her head. "They won’t ever know we’re here."

"So why are we here?" Martha asked. "Sudden desire to see the cherry blossoms?"

"I thought you might like to see them," the Master answered as he took her arm and began to stroll with her toward the drum bridge crossing the lake. "One other reason though."

"What’s that?" Martha inquired as they stepped onto the wooden bridge and began to stroll across. At the highest point the Master stopped and stared at her. "What?" She asked with a smile. "Not going to toss me in are you?"

"No," she watched as he took out a shaky breathe. One minute he was standing next to her holding her elbow and the next Martha was looking down at the Master on his knees at her feet.

"Master?" She raised an eyebrow. "What are you doing?"

"Marry me Martha Jones," he said abruptly.

"What?" She stuttered as he held out a gold puzzle ring. "What?!"

"It’s a Niczean love knot," the Master explained.

"A Niczean love knot?" Martha repeated.

"They’re rings," the Master cocked his head to the side in a look Martha had termed awkward moment number 7. "When I give it too you everything I tell you has to be the truth. I have to mean every single thing. Otherwise the ring won’t go on your finger. If you take it, before you can put it on you have to mean everything you say to me as well. So I’m handing you this ring and I’m telling you - Martha Jones I want to marry you. You, Martha Jones are the companion I want. I want to have children with you. Not like Gallifrey where it was all crèches and looms. I want to have babies with you and be a father Martha. I want to be with you. I," he stopped and kissed the inside of her left wrist. She could see that he was almost overcome with emotion.

"Yes," she whispered.

"Yes?" He repeated.

"Yes," Martha agreed. "I want all those things with you. I love you."

She was worried the ring wouldn’t fit. That something he’d said to her was a lie. The ring wouldn’t fit and then where would they be? Instead it slid easily on her hand and she felt it tighten once it had settled at the base of her finger. He’d meant everything he’d said.

"Does it fit?" He asked her nervously. When she nodded he leapt up and almost crushed her in the force of his hug. Her feet left the ground as he swung her in a circle. "I love you Martha Jones," he announced and she felt the ring tighten on her finger, securing it’s place. "I’m the happiest man, well the happiest Time Lord," he amended. "Either way, I’m the happiest member of my species at this very moment Martha Jones."

"So," she asked as he began to tug her back toward the Tardis at a rapid clip. "Do we have a ceremony or something?"

He stopped and she could see his shoulders slump slightly. "Do you want to?" He asked and she could hear the concern in his voice. "I mean there’s no one who can perform a Gallifreyan wedding. Well there is but I highly doubt he’d do it for us."

"The Doctor," Martha stated.

"The Doctor," the Master agreed. "I don’t think he’d be thrilled to find his companion marrying me. I don’t know if an Earth ceremony would work either. I mean you can’t exactly go home and tell your parents ‘Hello! I’m back and look who I brought with me! By the way we’re going to get married before the Doctor locks him up and takes him prisoner inside the Tardis. Don’t worry, we understand that our honeymoon is in one of the cells.’ I don’t think they’ll approve."

"No," she whispered. "No they wouldn’t. So is this it then?"

"Well I was hoping to tack on a honeymoon," the Master shrugged. "Other than that, well yeah."

"What did you have in mind for a honeymoon?" Martha asked.

"An eternity traveling through time and space in the Vortex?" He suggested. "Courtesy of Tardis Airways?"

"Sounds lovely," Martha agreed as he pulled her inside. "The honeymoon any woman would dream of."

"Good," the Master smiled as he leaned down to kiss her. "That’s what I was hoping you’d say."


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