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Fic: Master on Mars Book 2.3: Getting What You Want

Hi all,
It's been a really long time since I've gotten anything posted. Unfortunately I've been really sick and then had no access to a computer so I'm going to try and make up for that.
All of my stories will be continued, although it will be pretty randomly as I get them typed.


Previous parts


Title:  Master on Mars Book 2.3: Getting What You Want

Fandom: DW/LoM/TW xover (only borrows two characters from LoM in book 2)

Pairing: Master!Sam/Martha, Ianto/Jack.

Summary: Owen wants answers and well the Master wants a lot of things.

Owen’s POV

The team of Torchwood 3 are far from comfortable with their guests, but Owen bides his time hoping to get the answers they all want.
Unlike Gwen, I have no intention of badgering Jack with questions, especially seeing as I know the older man is hardly likely to answer. Hell, Jack was a master of keeping his own secrets on the simple things and this situation seemed to be anything but simple.
I also have no intention of following Ianto’s example, seething with anger and jealousy. Although, in fairness the Master wasn’t all over his lover, so that wasn’t really likely anyway. Except… well, he’s giving Tosh an awful lot of his attention and Owen does find that worrying.
But only because Tosh is their only chance, slim though it is, of out-thinking the Timelords in their midst. It most definitely is not because she is preening under the attention.
Owen doesn’t want Tosh smiling at the Master like that, even if he and the Doctor are the only two people he’s ever seen who has had the slightest idea what she’s talking about. Owen’s only consideration in regards to Tosh and the Master is for the safety of the team.
Okay, and a certain curiosity, if the Master uses scientific mumbo-jumbo to get into people’s pants how the hell did he get Jack and Martha?
That brings him to what he does plan to do to get some answers.
Martha allows herself to be separated from both her lover and her husband, although she denies both assertions. Owen takes her to the vaults so they can talk without being observed. Jack and the Master will not know what they’re talking about and even Tosh and Ianto have never been able to get through the security down here.
“Please tell me this is about getting answers and not some weird kink of yours about having sex near dead bodies.”
My initial reaction to rebut that accusation is caught when I consider it. I tilt my head and check her out, being married- fake or not- and Jack’s has hardly made her any less attractive. Maybe even more so. She’s just got something about her and-
Ow. Okay so maybe I was being pervy and maybe I deserved the slap but she didn’t have to hit me so hard. I open my mouth to say so and she raises her hand again. I put my hands up to placate her. “Right, no. Not sex. Just a few questions.”
“Alright, questions.” She nods and sits down on the floor, back leaning against the wall not occupied by bodies.
I hunker down in front of her smirking, “Martha Jones, what on Earth is a nice girl like you doing married to a psycho like that?”
She laughs and swats at me again. “Fake-married. And it’s complicated. But, I noticed you have enough of a sense of preservation to stop pawing the psycho’s wife.”
I laugh in turn and move to sit beside her. “Fake-wife. Yeah. You’re cute, but I’m not that crazy. Is Jack sleeping with him?”
She gives me a surprised look, “That’s the first question you have?”
“Well, it’s the topic that most directly affects me. If they’re sleeping together Ianto’ll go into one of his quietly psychotic phases-”
She gives me a disbelieving look and interrupts, “He does that a lot, does he?”
“Well, no. Not ever, to date. But I’m sure he’s capable of it. It’s just something in the way he, well just something inherently Ianto.”
“Uh huh. No, they’re not sleeping together and honestly, with the exception of actual sleep and about as much sexual contact as you’ve ever had with Jack there’s no history either.”
What does she take me for? “I’ve never had any sexual contact with Jack!”
“Really? Huh. Well, then I guess a little bit more than you.”
“Uh huh, exactly what kind of establishment do you think we have here?”
“Do you really want me to answer that?”
I actually consider hearing it, after all it’ll probably be quite amusing, but not right now. I shake my head and she smiles, then huffs.
“We really don’t have time for this, we should be working on-”
“Tosh and the Teaboy are tracking down your Australian, really you and I would just be hindering them, which is usually fun, but apparently there’s some kind of rush on. Now, I, we need to know what’s going on.”
She avoids my eyes, “Jack-”
I pull her head back round as I interrupt, “Can’t give a straight answer when he’s ordering lunch.”
“Alright, true.” She sighs and settles herself more comfortably. “Fine, what is it you want to know?”
That’s not really the question she should have asked, but I’ll let her away with it. Just this once. “Want? Everything. Need? Well, if you could just bring us up to speed at least. I really don’t want the team to get blindsided by anything that could be avoided.”
She nods and begins describing the Celestial Investigation Agency, Timelords and the Matrix. The attack on the Timelords and their plans for the Matrix.

Ianto’s POV

Toshiko has gotten a hit on a marriage licence for the elusive Tegan. Apparently now a Mrs Thomas, with a British wedding to an Englishman. We’re getting closer to finding her.
Now, if that pretentious ass of an Alien would just stop staring at us, all would be right in Ianto Jones’ world. Of course, the fact that he was staring at the two of them working did mean that he wasn’t staring at, or in anyway touching, Jack.
Ianto took comfort in that at least.
He was probably staring at Tosh. In her low cut blouse. Ianto certainly appreciated how it improved the general dreariness of the Hub. The Master had been inordinately attentive to Tosh, her theories, questions and general well-being. Really, how the man, alien or not, thought he could really have time for another lover was beyond Ianto.
Normally, a hostile- and despite what Jack said and what Ianto knew for himself, he was still classing the Master as such- alien showing so much attention to Tosh would have had Ianto’s protective instincts on high alert. At the moment though they were already in overdrive because of the same alien’s casual possessiveness of the Welshman’s lover.
Owen was on his own in protecting his, ahem, Tech.
The Master had wandered closer and Ianto finally gave into the urge to turn and glare at him. This man always managed to get through Ianto’s carefully constructed barriers and bring out the worst in him.
“Ianto, dear boy, do you know where my darling is?”
Ianto frowned, noticing Tosh rolling her chair back slightly. Back and to the side. Out of the line of fire, but she also took her mug with her and pulled her legs up- settling in with a good view for the show.
Then Ianto smirked, pulling it back into a helpful smile, “Well, I suppose that depends. Are you talking about the love-struck puppy that follows you around? ‘Cos he’s taken to playing with Janet when Myfanwy gets bored with him. Do you mean my Jack? Because I’ve locked him in his office with a stack of paperwork and the threat that if he stops to play with you I’ll cut him off. Or do you mean Martha? Because I believe she and Owen are sequestered in the Vaults, with the lock sealing them in. Owen wanted some alone time.”
“I…I, um,” As I wait for him to respond I do feel a moment’s guilt for painting a target on Owen, but I quash it, knowing Jack will protect him. Of course, I have no explanation for why the Master has just gone from spluttering to smirking. Despite myself I gulp. “I’m not really sure where to start on that-”
Bravado it out? “Here’s a hint, not with Jack.”
“Oh, see but now I have to. But then, you knew that.” What is he talking about? He must see my confusion because he starts to explain. Either that or he just likes the sound of his own voice. I do suspect the latter. “You’re really just a sado-masochist, aren’t you? Just like those globally suicidal lunatics who think big red buttons with the words ‘Do Not Push’ are the best way to go with all the really dangerous toys. And by dangerous I of course mean cool.”
He’s flipped, or always was. “I honestly have no idea what you are talking about.”
Okay, now he’s really close and I am more than a little freaked. His eyes are… beyond madness. “Liar, but I like that too.” This time I’m sure he’s seen my confusion and my panic as he also backs up as he explains. “Alright, I’ll explain, you taunt me, insult me, threaten me and poison me, making especially sure to say I can’t go near my Jack, knowing full well that’ll make me much more likely to not only seek him out, but shag him-”
I bristled at his possessiveness, but that’s the final straw, “You-” He ignores me and continues as if I’ve not uttered a word.
“Oh, I probably will. Probably would’ve anyway, but with the added bonus of it pissing you off I’ll be sure to do it very soon. You know that. You’re pushing me. Now either you want to see how far I’ll go in response- which is all the way, baby- or you actually hope Jack will put a stop to it.”
I gulp as he leans closer again, almost like he’s thinking of kissing me. My eyes dare him to try and face the consequences. He backs up, slightly and continues, “He won’t. I know my Jack, he’s an all kind of guy and he doesn’t have the balls to throw me out- for so very many reasons.” He moves away, towards Jack’s office, taking a device from his pocket and unlocking it with ease, but glances back before entering, “Oh, and next time you want to poison me try and get your hands on Alzerian acid instead of one of the human varieties. Much nastier- breaks down the internal organs one by one. And it has a rounder, zestier aftertaste when mixed with coffee.”
His smirk broadens as he sees my rage at any slur on my coffee. Even if it was a poisoned one. How was I supposed to know how it tasted, I was hardly going to try and get him the richest flavour!
Then again, how does he know what it tasted like…
I look back up, but he’s gone into the office and the snick of the lock can be heard, somehow I don‘t think my key will work right now.

Jack’s POV

“Out.” Jack barely spared a glance for the Master. Not because he thought it would help get rid of him, but because he knew it would irritate him. The Master deserved some irritation after all he was to blame for Jack’s current predicament.
If the Master would stop winding Ianto up then Jack wouldn’t be getting punished for it, with paperwork of all things!
“Oh, come on Jack, don’t be that way.”
“I’m busy-” Jack really needed not to be distracted and he was hardly going to explain his reasoning to the Master. He wouldn’t even want to explain it to Sam- there was a reason he and Gene were best friends.
“And the Welsh-talent threatened to cut you off if you ‘played’ with me. Yeah, he already told me.”
He… “He told you?” There was no way- that was just…  It’s the equivalent of a red flag to a bull!
“Yes, turns out he really does want us ‘playing’ together-”
“No, he-” There has to be another reason, maybe Ianto just didn’t understand.
“Doesn’t matter. He’s obviously just a bit torn, poor boy.”
I really don’t like that glint in his eyes, “Poor boy?”
“Oh, yes. Did you know he made my coffee with acid this morning?”
“He what? Look,” Oh, Holy Doctor my boyfriend’s a waking corpse! “don’t do anything hasty. I’ll take care of it-”
“Oh, no. Don’t bother, I quite liked it.”
Alright, I didn’t expect that. “You like acid in your coffee?”
“No, well not the brand he used anyway, although I did recommend a much better quality-”
“Woah! Hold up- firstly you’re giving me the distinct impression Ianto’s suicidal because he’s taunting, threatening, challenging and even attacking you, now you’re telling me you took your life into your own hands and actually insulted Ianto’s coffee!”
The Master rolls his eyes at me, but I’m just a little freaked right now. “No. Not the coffee you idiot- the acid. A better kind of acid. The coffee was actually very nice.”
I stare at him for a full minute and he just smirks back. Then I throw my hands up and retreat to my desk, I still have work to do.
He’s still watching me. I can’t concentrate when he does that. “What-” I pause and take a deep breath before looking directly at him, “What is the point of this conversation?”
“I like him.”
There is a dead silence, or perhaps deadly, as that sinks in and the Master smirks at me expectantly. Suddenly I hurl myself over the desk at him screaming no and-
He just moves aside and there is a sense of rage in his eyes.
Something’s obviously just occurred to him, something bad. Something worse than him taking a passing fancy to Ianto I’d wager.
Especially seeing as he’s pulled the Laser Screwdriver out of his pocket and looks ready to kill.
I gulp and try to think what to say, what to ask.
“He said ‘alone time’. What the hell is your paltry human doctor doing locked in the Vaults with my wife!”
Oh, shit.


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