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Fic: Master on Mars Book 2.5: Getting On With The Plot

Hi all,
It's been a really long time since I've gotten anything posted. Unfortunately I've been really sick and then had no access to a computer so I'm going to try and make up for that.
All of my stories will be continued, although it will be pretty randomly as I get them typed.


Previous parts


Title: Master on Mars Book 2.5: Getting On With The Plot

Fandom: DW/LoM/TW xover (only borrows two characters from LoM in book 2)

Pairing: Master!Sam/Martha, Ianto/Jack, Gene/Romana!Mags.

Summary: Convincing Tegan to help and some old friends drop in for a visit.

Master’s POV

“I could always-”

She interrupts me again.

“No. No. And just in case, no. I don’t want to talk about it and I most certainly don’t want you to fix it! Now just let it drop, please.”

The please almost gets me. “But, Jack won’t even-”

“I haven’t talked to him about it either. Can’t you-”

“I just want to help! And pause for a moment to consider how sickening that is.”

That does get me a smile. “Just not now.”

Jack opens the door and climbs back into the car.

We’d set off first thing this morning to track done the ex-airhostess. Just the four of us. Jack, Martha and me, oh yes and the dozing brat in the back. Some help he is. Jack and I had talked about it and decided it was the best way of getting Martha to open up- but she, in typical Martha style, refused to cooperate with our carefully orchestrated plan.

Bloody woman!

“She’s taken her class to a local park.”

“And let me guessed you charmed your way into getting directions.” I glare at him, just in case he wasn’t aware I’m in a bad mood. He smiles back- Omega why can’t I ever attract or get attracted to normal people?

Oh, yeah, because they’re boring.

Once at the park we all clamber out and I spot Tegan right away. I set off in her direction to immediately be pulled back and placed a step behind the pair of them. Being told off like a school boy! You’d think they don’t trust me.

The Doctor ran off the moment he saw the swing park, seems particularly taken with the monkey bars. At least he’s still in eyesight.

Rassilon, I sound like an idiot parent!

“Mrs Tegan Thomas?” Martha Jones at her most charming with Captain Jack Harkness as backup, this should be easy.

‘Should’ being the operative word. All the Doctor’s pets are cantankerous.

This one is hardly an exception, in fact as I remember it she was one of the worst.

She narrows her eyes, “Do I know you?”

Ooh, well she did ask, “Yes-” Ow!

Jack elbowed me and Martha steps directly between me and Tegan. “No, but we’re friends of a friend.” As the Australian frowns Martha points in the direction of the swing park, where Tegan’s class are playing. As is a tall, thin, overgrown toddler in a blue suit and brown coat. He’s going to choke himself with that bloody- no, I am not a parent and if I was I would be a particularly vacant one!

“Who- oh, Lord, is that the Doctor?” At least she caught on quick.

“Who else?” I manage to get that out and step back before I can get hit again.

She doesn’t even spare me a glance just keeps right on staring at the Doctor. Hey I could get some minor villainy in here if we keep her so distracted she stops watching the kids and they get hurt- except Martha’d kill me if I got kids hurt- Omega, strike me dead now, please. This is why I’ve been fixating on winding up the Teaboy.

“Well, he’s not usually quite so… no, actually he is. What does he want?”

“Him? He wants to play on the monkey bars and he is. Problem that we have is that he doesn’t really remember who he is and for some reason I can’t quite recall that’s a bad thing.”

This time it’s Martha that elbows me. My own fault for not moving quick enough. “Ow. Will you two please stop abusing me- unless it’s in the fun way with-”

“No!” Well, if anything will make a Timelord feel unloved it’ll be both his lovers turning him down at once. And so vehemently.

Martha sighs and smiles sheepishly at Tegan, “Ignore him. The Doctor has no memories but we have a theory that if we can plug him into the Matrix we can sort of reboot him.”

“Alright, then take him to Gallifrey and-”

“The Timelord homeworld was destroyed in the Time War with the Daleks.” He sounds so damn maudlin about it, at least the Doctor has a reason for that.

I smirk and add, “By the Doctor.”

Tegan gives me a funny look, then looks across at the Doctor. Slowly she starts backing up. “Look, I don’t know who you two are and I don’t know what you-”

Enough of this, I pull out the Laser Screwdriver and point it at her, “Stop right there, you really don’t want to make me have to shoot you.”

She gulps but she does stop.

“We told you we’d do the talking.” She sounds so disappointed in me. This is not my fault! Well, maybe a little.

“Oh, relax, she’d already worked out who I am.” The two of them give me those adorably confused looks, “She said she didn’t know who you two are. Sort of implies she does know the third.”

“Fine, now please stop threatening the nice lady we need to help fix the Doctor.” Oh, great he’s using the ‘talk to the lunatic’ voice. See this is what I get for helping. She tried to run! But will they listen?

“I don’t know, I quite like him like this.” See how they like that.

“That’s because he follows you around like a puppy-”

My eyes narrow at that, “You’ve been listening to that boyfriend of yours.”

“Of course I have, he’s my boyfriend!”

I’m about to reply but Martha stops us both, with a skud to the back of the head. “Hey, cut it out the pair of you.” She turns to Tegan with a long-suffering sigh, “Sometimes I think I’m running a nursery. And you, despite the fact you’ll eventually get bored that he never argues with you-”

“Eventually being soon.”

The last part was directed at me, by both Martha and Jack, but she ignores him and continues, “Try to remember you need him to beat Morgan and the CIA.”

I’m sent to the car like a naughty boy as they talk to Tegan.

Well, if I’m a naughty boy I won’t do as I’m told so I join the Doctor on the monkey bars.

By the time I’ve gotten the two of us to the top of the massive climbing frame and am just laying out my plans to hold our fortress to him, Jack shows up at the bottom calling us down. They’ve gotten Tegan to agree to come to Cardiff for a few days.

The drive back would probably have been tense but the Doctor and I are in the back playing with his legos- more fortresses and invaders.

At the Hub, Martha grabs my arm before I can head downstairs and nods to Ianto who closes the secret door.

“We’re not joining them?”

“No, we figure it’ll be easier to convince her if you’re not threatening her.”

“Who says I would be threatening her?” They both look at me disbelievingly and I shrug, “Alright, probably.”

I would have added more but I’m interrupted by the front door opening- inconsiderate tourists. Except it’s not.

I turn from Romana and Gene’s entrance just in time to spot Ianto diving behind the desk and Martha smoothly sliding in to take his place. Highly suspicious.

“Martha?” Mags hugs her and me and generally gushes a lot, very unbecoming for a lady of time. “So, Jack’s got you two working?”

“No. Just trying to stop his homicidal urges.”

“Jack’s or the Master’s? ‘Cause last we saw Jack looked ready and eager for blood.”

Martha laughs at that and I glare- guess which one the crazy woman chooses to ignore.

“They made up? Sort of. Go on down, Jack’ll love to see you. Oh, you can prove a point,” She pulls the detachable tablet from the computer and hands it to Romana, “Guess Jack’s password.”

Gene looks over her shoulder and smirks, “Hello.”

“Oh, it couldn’t be that’s too…” She notices Martha’s smirk and turns to see mine, “Oh, Jack.” She types it in and the door opens.

Gene and I nod at each other as he passes and Martha snags him for a quick hug over the desk.

When they’ve gone I peer over the desk, “And that was?”

“You’ll need to be honest now.” Martha advises, from his side and he stands up.

“I could run away.” He’s ignoring me?

“Wouldn’t work. Who are you going to tell first?” Tell what? There’s a secret and I wanna know it! I wanna know!”

He sighs, “Call Jack up for me?”

Martha nods and calls down.

“What are you going to tell him?” I ask, but before he can answer Martha hangs up the intercom.

“Too late.”


“Alright I want to know right now!”

Ianto sighs and glares at me, “My parents are probably killing my boyfriend right about now, happy?”

I pause, for the first time in quite some time I’m shocked. Now, I know how Jack feels every time he realises he’s got another Timelord in his- Woah, ha! This’ll drive Jack barmy! Oh, if he… “Oh, Rassilon, they don’t know? Gene and Romana, they don’t know? Oh, Jack you are so dead.”

“And you won’t protect him will you?” Martha asks me, I’m not sure if she’s serious or teasing. I hope she’s teasing ‘cause if she’s serious she’s barmier than Lucy.

“They’re scary! Maybe, if I was getting something out of it-” I add with a waggle of my eyebrows.

Until the youngest Timelord hits my arm, “Ahem. My boyfriend.”

I laugh. “At least we know where he gets his possessiveness from.”


Tosh’s POV

“You can’t really expect me to work for the Master?”

Toshiko watched the ‘discussion’, she could stay out of it for the most part because despite Owen’s attempted explanation she wasn’t entirely sure what was going on. That wasn’t really Owen’s fault mind, or maybe it was.

He was the one that had sat so close to her and who kept stroking the hair at the back of her neck. It was something of a nervous habit of his, but something he hadn’t done in a long time. It had thrown her.

Owen was the epitome of metro-sexual, using more beauty products than Gwen, Tosh and Jack put together and with his little hair fixation. He used to play with hair all the time when he was feeling fidgety. So much so that when she had gotten it cut to shoulder length the first time, he had thrown a hissy fit.

And people wondered why she thought he was adorable.

“With the Master, and yes.” Jack was trying to reason with the woman and the oldest three members of his team clustered round him. Not really in a show of support even if that was a side effect. They were actually clustered in the hopes of Jack, accidentally, shining some light on the situation for them. “Look, at the moment all we know for sure is that the CIA were experimenting on both the Master and the Doctor. Now if you won’t believe anything else about him, will you at least believe he’d want revenge?”

She nods at that, “Alright, but that still doesn’t explain you lot, you’re Torchwood and I know Torchwood hates the Doctor, but you claim to be his friends-”


She puts her hands up to stop Jack’s protests, “Oh, I do believe you’re the Doctor’s friends, you know him well enough and, well, you’re his type.”

That seems to surprise Jack, “Type? How am I his type?”

“Well, I’ve met… 6, 6 of him and assorted ‘assistants’, you’re definitely his type.” She smirks at his flabbergasted look. I like this woman, not many people have that effect on Jack. “What I don’t get is how you can not only work with the Master but be so chummy with him. It makes me think he’s controlling your minds.”

“He can’t-”

“I’ve seen him do it and I just don’t-”

“My turn to interrupt you-”

“Hello, Jack.”

“Or maybe not. Romana, Gene, it’s great to see you and-”

Jack’s interruption was interrupted by a man and a woman who just strolled into one of the world’s most secure facilities. At least he’s smiling at them, then again he smiles at Captain John.

“Exactly how many people have you given free access to this place, Jack?” The look on Owen’s face means he’s as eager as me to hear the answer to Gwen’s question. Really, Jack has to stop putting us through this.

It’s actually the new guy, Gene, who answers, “Not so much free access as just an easy password.”

Jack looks embarrassed, “You guessed my password?” Our fearless leader looks suitably quelled under our combined glares. “Fine, alright, I’ll change it.”

“Ah, excuse me.” Oops, we forgot all about our other visitor. Really, sometimes I think we deserved to be invaded. “Did he just call you Romana?”

“Oh, you must be Tegan. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

The woman, Romana, hugs Tegan, whose looking a little stunned, “But you’re a Timelord too. Adric and the Doctor-”

Another Timelord, for a pretty much extinct species they do sure seem to like Cardiff.

“Yes, yes and now you can help us save them both.” The Timelord, lady whatever is smiling very brightly.

But the Australian is frowning, “No, the Doctor said Adric couldn’t be saved. That the TARDIS-”

The Alien is nodding, still smiling, completely undaunted, “The Doctor’s TARDIS can’t cross it’s own timeline, just like a Timelord can’t, but the Master’s can save Adric. It will only be there, in that fragile piece of temporal history, once. No damage to the fabric of time that way, he just pops in and grabs Adric. Simple.”

Remind to ask them what they consider a difficult temporal issue.

“Why didn’t you say so?” Ha, Jack got hit by the Australian, serves him right. Except now he’s pouting, but Ianto’s upstairs so no one will fall for it.

“I tried but you kept interrupting and were just a tad hung up on the Master bit. Besides there’s still the reason we need you-”

But she nods and interrupts him, again. I must say I’ve certainly been getting a lot of entertainment out of all this nonsense. It’s like our very own soap. “You’ll need exact coordinates and the cargo ship was moving through both time and space very quickly. I’m assuming from your expression this is going to be something unpleasant, like the Master getting the details directly from my mind?”

“Precisely.” The other one is just beaming more now. Although her partner seems completely uninterested in the whole thing.

“I… Fine.” She’s braver than me, I’ve had no personal experience with the man and I don’t want him prying in my mind for any reason. “But if he touches anything in there that he’s not supposed to I will castrate him.”

We all smile a little at that, but Gene laughs out loud, I guess he was paying attention after all, he’s one to watch. “Don’t think Martha’d appreciate that luv, so I suggest you repeat that threat to her and she’ll keep him in line.”

“Speaking of-”

Jack interrupts Romana, I’m starting to think finishing a sentence is some sort of rare privilege. One Gene got, definitely one to watch. “Didn’t you see them upstairs?”

She rolls her eyes at him, “No, not them. Partners, speaking of partners- where’s this guy you’re so hung up on?”

“Oh, Ianto’s upstairs too.” Jack smiles just saying his name and I give a little smile myself, one that grows as I see Owen roll his eyes.

Then I notice the blood has drained from Romana’s face and seems to have taken up residence in Gene’s. He moves to step forward but Romana’s hand stops him, “Ianto Jones?”

“Ah, yeah. Why?” He’s looking at them a little uneasily and the intercom behind me rings. I reach back to answer it, never taking my eyes off the show.

It’s Martha, she wants Jack upstairs.

Before I can answer or tell Jack, Romana has removed her hand and the mountain of a man has hurled himself at Jack. He’s in Jack’s personal space, holding tight and looming in a terrifying manner. Owen, Gwen and I have all taken a step back. I wonder if they feel as guilty as I do about that. However guilty they might feel it’s obviously not enough to change their minds.

“What the bloody hell are you doing with my son?”

Oh, boy. On the phone I hear Martha curse, guess she heard too. Then the line goes dead.

“Son?” I guess he didn’t know.

Then the punch lands.


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