Fic: Sleeper

Title: Sleeper
Pairing: Martha/Master (with implied, one-sided Ten/Martha)
Rating: PG-13 for implied sexy time.
Word count: 1,850
Spoilers: Utopia.
Disclaimer: All characters, settings, and sentient time machines are not mine.
Summary: Post-Utopia AU. The Doctor makes the mistake of leaving Martha and the Master alone together. Martha discovers just how persuasive the Master can be.

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Muffins and Other Mysteries

Title - Muffins and Other Mysteries (Part 5 of the House Arrest Can Be Fun Series)
Rating - PG-13 
Disclaimer - if it were mine this would be series 4. With Donna added in somehow. I don't know how but Donna woudl be in here. 
Pairings: Master/Martha
Author's Note - For tuaneter of course.

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we will be wicked and we will be fair

FIC: Just the Sound of His Voice

Title: Just the Sound of His Voice
Characters/Pairing: Martha/the Master, mention of the Doctor and Tish
Word Count: 748
Rating: PG
Summary: "He spoke about…I can’t really remember, but it was good. Just the sound of his voice."
Notes: Written for whoniverse1000. Yes, I have other things I should be writing, but given the choice between that and SKETCH, which would you pick? ...Oh, never mind.
Disclaimer: Martha and the Master both belong to the BBC. I am not connected to the BBC in any way and am making no money from this whatsoever.

( "I said I knew that voice. When he spoke inside the TARDIS..." )
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Fatherhood - Master Style

Title - Fatherhood - Master Style
Rating - PG 
Disclaimer - Not mine. It all belongs to the BBC and RTD 
Author's Note - Epilogue to Distortions in the Mirror of Time and Pulling the Strings. It helps if you've read them otherwise the characters make no sense at all. I've had suggestions about how the Master would interact as a father and exactly how the Timebabies would rebel as teenagers. This is what I came up with. 

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Making Mischief with the Master

Title - Making Mischief with the Master (The House Arrest Can Be Fun Series)
Rating - R for adult humor. 
Disclaimer - If this belonged to me and not the BBC and RTD then this would have been how this season started instead of all angsty like. 
Author's note - This was brought on by a comment from jadekirk in "Time Lord Men - All the same hassles they just live longer pt 2." So I guess this is a continuation of that cracky little comedy universe. No rolled up newspaper but I hope you still approve. I may play with this universe somemore. It's fun here inside the insanity of my mind. 

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