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wouldbewrong's Journal

Would Be Wrong
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A Master/Martha Jones Shipping Community
Shipping The Master and Martha Jones? But that would be wrong!

This is a shipping community focusing on the Master and Martha Jones, characters who have appeared in the British Sci-Fi cult series Doctor Who.

Like most communities, I'm afraid there are a few boring rules that need to be followed.

- All posts must be related to the Master and/or Martha Jones in some way, either to the characters as a ship or as individuals. Please don't make any off topic posts to this community. If you want Doctor/Rose, I reccomend time_and_chips. For Master/Lucy, there is thesaxons and for Martha in general, including Tenth Doctor/Martha, there's lifeonmartha. For general Whovian geekness, head on over to doctorwho and if it's Torchwood related fun you're after, use torch_wood.

- Respect other members. Trolling, rudeness, discrimination, etc, will NOT be tollerated.

- All spoilers relating to season three of Doctor Who and season two of Torchwood must go behind a cut. No exceptions.

- Crossover fics are allowed, just as long as they feature both the Master and Martha in some way.

- If you're linking to an icon dump post, please make sure you have at least five or more Martha or Master (or Freema Agyeman and John Simm) related icons in the batch. Saves on potential cluttering of the comm.

- Please do not post any more than three icon "teasers" outside of an lj-cut. Please post any graphics bigger than 100x100 pixels behind an lj-cut.

- This is a free-for-all community. Fics, fanart, icons, fanvids, general discussion, John and Freema related news etc...anything goes. Just make sure you put anything that's not work/kid safe behind a cut with clear warnigns.

- No Real Person Fic, please. Fic allowed is only that focusing on the fictional CHARACTERS of the Master and Martha Jones. Fic focusing on the actors themselves is not allowed and will be deleted.

- Absolutely no actor bashing. Anyone breaking this rule will be banned without warning.

- Please no character bashing. There is usually a distinctive line between a negative opinion and outright bashing. Fics and icons that contain blatant bashing of ANY character from the Doctor Who/Torchood universes are not allowed.

- Don't spam the community. Try to post sensibly.

More rules may be added if needed. For now, though, have fun!

* Thanks to loafing_oaf for the community icon. :)